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Printing in PowerPoint

Microsoft Powerpoint allows for some very varied Printing options, which may be very useful to you.

  • PowerPoint allows you to print out the slides themselves (i.e. the pages of the Passport) one or two per sheet of paper, in colour. The template is designed to print out in a size that will fit an A5 size of booklet
  • You can print out a draft of a Passport in mid-construction in black and white, to save printer cartridges
  • You can print out 3 slides per page (with room for lots of hand-written notes alongside - ideal for team members' input, or the updating phase of Passport work);
  • You can print out 6 slides per page (small size, no room for notes, but useful for an overview/reference);
  • You can print out Notes pages (one slide per page and loads of room for written notes, may be useful for major review or update/ongoing multi-agency 'round robin' discussion on paper).

We wrote a description of how to print A5 Passports on A4 paper some time ago, so you may like to try this to start you off!

Printing Two A5 pages per A4 Sheet

(Instructions are for PowerPoint 2003 on a PC running Windows XP, so your system may vary from this, but hopefully you can follow the gist of it)

  1. Open your Passport in PowerPoint
  2. Go to the File Menu and select Page Setup...
  3. Make sure A4 paper is selected under "Slides sized for:"
  4. Under "Notes, Handouts and Outline" make sure paper is set to Landscape. (DON'T change the setting for Slides (which should always be set to Portrait), as all your pages will get rearranged!)
  5. Click OK
  6. Go to the File Menu and select Print..
  7. Under "Print What:" select 'Handouts'
  8. In the "Handouts" box to the right choose "Slides per page:" to be '2'
  9. Make sure the "Scale to fit paper" box has a check in i
  10. If you want a narrow black border around each page, put a check in the "Frame Slides" box
  11. Click "OK" to Print.