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Person-centred booklet for those who cannot easily speak
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Creating Passports

  • Good Practice - It is important to monitor and audit both the process of creating a Passport and the end result
    • Permission Granted - You really cannot even start to make a Passport for anybody until agreement and permission has been obtained.
      • Printing in PowerPoint - Microsoft Powerpoint allows for some very varied Printing options, which may be very useful.
        • Special Passports - Passports are usually little booklets, but they do not have to be they can be laminated sheets, wall charts, a card case clipped to a belt, a mealtime place mat, a folding leaflet etc.
          • Templates - Ideally, we'd like to create a totally personalised Passport for each individual but this can be very time-consuming. A pre-made layout, or 'template' is more efficient.