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Passport Articles

The following downloads are available in pdf format.

  • Personal Communication Passports: Use of Video (.pdf, 682kb) This is a short article by Sally Millar (2008) summarising the differences between a video/DVD record, and a Passport, and suggesting positive ways of using the two together.
  • A Survey of AAC Need in a Children’s Hospital (.pdf, 141kb) This article (2008) by Chris Sherlock, of the Birmingham Children's Hospital & Access to Communication and Technology (ACT) describes a project evaluating the communication needs of children in acute hospital settings and the value of various approaches and solutions. Communication Passports prove to be amongst the most useful strategies; they are used and valued by the child, family and other communication partners.
  • Introduction to Passports - Sally Millar: This gives a brief overview of Passports and the part they can play consulting and representing children with communication difficulties to ensure consistent care
  • Personal Communication Passports - Sally Millar and Micheline Caldwell: Millar, S. & Caldwell, M. (1997) Personal Communication Passports, Paper presented at the SENSE Conference, Westpark Centre, University of Dundee, 13 September 1997, reprint available from CALL Scotland
  • It's My Book: Creating Ownership of a Communication Passport: Coakes, L. (2003) It's My Book: Creating Ownership of a Communication Passport. Paper delivered at the Communication Matters Symposium, Lancaster, 15th September 2003
  • Communication Dictionaries and Communication Passports - Alison Matthews: Alison Matthews describes Communication Dictionaries developed and used in her service, that are very detailed and specific and which involve training in communication for staff. She explains the distinction between these and Communication Passports which are more over-arching and cover a wider range of topics, including a summary of communication Dictionary information). Both are vital in preserving key information across transitions.