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Person-centred booklet for those who cannot easily speak
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Ideally, we'd like to create a totally personalised Passport for each individual but this can be very time-consuming. A pre-made layout, or 'template' is more efficient (if less person-centred). A template can also provide those new to Passports with not only a layout/framework, but also a few examples, prompts and suggested ideas about what to put on each page and how to present it. But PLEASE avoid turning Passport production into an 'assembly line' process using the same layout and graphics for all, and DO try to expand and personalize each as much as possible.

Basic CALL Template

CALL Scotland provides a series of freely downloadable templates in Microsoft PowerPoint; the 'Basic' (all-purpose), and variants the 'Consulting Template' that emphasizes more how to find out what the child thinks (i.e. rather than telling you what he thinks) and the 'Adult Template' that may appeal more for adults.

The template consists of a title page (with space for photograph), an example Index page, and about 16 further page suggestions. (You don't have to use them all; Passports should generally not exceed 20 pages.) The pages are mainly just a title, one or two small graphics (PCS – replace with your own graphics if you don't have BoardMaker or a license for PCS symbols) and a single text box (write in the 'click to add text' box to get bulleted lines - not too many per page). Unwanted examples or prompts can just be deleted or edited. Because they are designed to be printed out, the templates are simple in style – they just have a white background and black text (though additional colour, recorded speech and any of PowerPoint's fancy animation features can be added afterwards if required, if 'live' presentation is planned at a later stage, e.g. by switch press by the child him/herself at a Review Meeting).

Mini CALL Passport

Lots of people like a small Passport that all fits on to one page, though obviously you can't squeeze in as much information, and it is more of a 'taster' than a full Passport.  This example is in the form of a 'tri-fold' leaflet, done in Microsoft Word (these can be a real struggle to design accurately so that they fold in the right place and print the pages in the right order.....). Download here and just change the text and pictures to suit your own requirements.


Mini Passport trifold leaflet (Word, 675Kb)


Personal Placemat Template (From Angela Crocker)

Angela Crocker, a speech and language therapist in Belfast, has been pioneering Personalised Place Mats as a simple and effective way of summarising the information that can help adults with learning disabilities to positive, safe and successful mealtimes. Learn more about Personalised Placemats and download of a Placemat Template, with instructions.

Using Powerpoint

The PowerPoint format has the advantage of varied print options. For some suggestions, see 'Printing in PowerPoint'.

If you need extra help with using PowerPoint software, download the CALL Scotland Quick Guide on Passports

You can also search Google for 'PowerPoint tutorial' (be sure to match the tutorial to the date/version of PowerPoint that you have.)

PDF Template

Here is a basic template in Adobe Acrobat (.PDF) format. You will not be able to edit the Adobe Acrobat version, but you may print it out on paper and fill in Passport content by hand, for drafting.